Copyleft Architecure Project ID: D_055

05 Conclusion
"Less that 5% of new US home buyers rely on direct communication with architects or designers for the design of their home.... Fees for custom residencies are up to 15 times the cost of stock plans for the same square footage house." - Etekt
The ethos of mass production has created a housing industry that has already alienated the architect. The architect has little to lose in this scneraio and much more to gain. In a market where architects spend hours of work for sponsored competitons, the lottery incentive has been a stronghold for the the architectural community, but times have changed. This outlook doesn't favor the architect any more than it helps the community. A new outlook is much needed and the means are here to support it.

As our present and future will be further challenging our conceptions of freedom and security, the questions posed by alternative forms of intellectual property are of vital importance to the future of our ideas. This is a proposal, a design scheme within the new field of information architecture, asking architects to use copyleft, to advocate the use of copyleft, and use a site like Folkland/Cycloschematic. This will in turn help others learn more about architecure, promote a worthwhile and democratic form of mass customization and open windows of opportnity to explore architecture and computation.