Copyleft Architecure Project ID: D_055

04 The Folkland/Cycloschematic Proposal
To help promote the use of copyleft agreements for architecural works, a web site, Folkland/Cycloschematic, will serve as repository for copylefted architectural projects and offer architects some of the same tools the open source software developers use to help collabrate and manage these generative works.

How might Folkland/Cycloschematic work?
Folkland/Cycloschematic will follow the model Similarly to what sourceforge offers software projects, Cycloschematic will provide a home and free services for copylefted architectural projects. The copylefted schematics associated with these projects will then be accesible to the public and may be copied, modified, customized, remixed, and constructed by anyone who downloads the schematics, as long as they, too, retain the copyleft permissions on the developed variations.

Personas & Scenarios

  • Student - Wants to see innovative projects in the making and get involved in any way possible. Looking for a way to gain experience and explore some ideas. Posts thesis to use the development tools and look for some critical feedback.
  • Architect - Has created many unbuilt work for competitions and such. Decides to publish a couple of her favorite unrecognized designs for a health care institution and a housing unit to the site. Every now and then she returns to the projects and makes a few changes here and there. Other wondering parties take interest in her designs and ask if they can contibute to her on-going project. She accepts and a new partnership is formed.
  • Developer - Wants to work with an interesting project. Uses the folkland/cycloschematic search and filter technology project to narrow down on several projects that may be novel and enjoyable projects to work with. Developer contacts the architects of the plans and even contributes a few changes to the design scheme to make the plans more commerically applicable. Developer then contacts the architects and chooses one of the projects to work with based on his contact with the architect. Though the developer could take the schemes and find another architect to work with to finalize the schemes, the devloper asks the architect to collaborate on the project and modify the scheme to better fit the site and program requirements.
  • Home Buyers - A married couple, 38 and 37 years of age respectively, want to buy a new home. Looking for a unique home but can't afford the full fees to work exclusively with an architect. Neither one of them are too familiar with the world of contemporary architecture, but they agree they want a house of with contemporary appeal. Some internet research affords them with some good materials but any serious discussion requires more time and resources than they are prepared to deal with at this time.


\Folk"land`\, n. [AS. folcland.] (O.Eng. Law) Land held in villenage, being distributed among the folk, or people, at the pleasure of the lord of the manor, and resumed at his discretion. Not being held by any assurance in writing, it was opposed to bookland or charter land, which was held by deed. --Mozley & W.