International Terminology Working Group
sponsored by
The Getty Information Institute

Guidelines for Forming Language Equivalents: A Model Based on the Art & Architecture Thesaurus

* * This publication is a product of the Getty Information Institute. After the dissolution of the Getty Information Institute in June 1999, CHIN was asked to host the publication on the CHIN Web site.


  1. Introduction
  2. History
  3. Translation vs. Equivalency Work
  4. Organization of Equivalency Work
  5. Requirements of the Data
  6. Status of the Languages
  7. Definition of Equivalence and Degrees of Equivalence
  8. Definition of a Descriptor or Main Term
  9. Plural and Singular Term Forms
  10. Feedback
  11. Use of Loan Terms and Coined Terms to Replace "No Equivalent"
  12. Electronic Term Matches
  13. Filling Out the AAT Bilingual Term Sheet
  14. Filling Out the Multilingual Term Tracking Sheet
  15. Maintenance of Multilingual Thesauri
  16. Glossary


  1. AAT Term Record Report
  2. AAT Source Citation Form
  3. Abbreviations for Thesaurus Relationships
  4. The AAT Candidate Term Program
  5. International Terminology Projects in Association with the Art & Architecture Thesaurus, 1993-1997
  6. An Example of Equivalency Work