SWI-Prolog SGML/HTML/XML/RDF handling


Last updated: Sep 29, 2000
Version: 1.0.10 for SWI-Prolog 3.4.0

This package provides a fast an flexible parser infra-structure for dealing with ?ML-based data. The basis is library(sgml), which provides a fast C-based parser for SGML and XML. It supports handling input from arbitrary source, either using a Prolog stream or a Prolog goal feeding data into the parser. The result is either presented as a compound Prolog term or passed to Prolog using an even-driven call-back interface.

The library(sgml) Prolog library provides both a high-level interface to simplify common usage (e.g. parse a file as HTML) as well as a low-level interface for full flexibility.

RDF (Resource Description Framework) is a W3C initiative to represent meta-data on web-resources. This data is considered the basis for semantic reasoning on the web. This package contains a small and conforming RDF parser that rewrites the output of the XML parser described above into a list of RDF triples. Check out the online demo.