Links on the practice and theory of collective intelligence, by Pierre Lévy

Some of my favorite thinkers (alphabetical order)

Henri Atlan:

J. L. Austin:

Gegory Bateson:

Henri Bergson:

Gilles Deleuze:

Heinz von Foerster:

Ibn Sina:

Francis Fukuyama:

Friedrich Hayek:


Charles S. Peirce:

Plotinus (Plotin):

Joel de Rosnay:

Michel Serres:

Baruch Spinoza:

Isabelle Stengers:

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin:

Chogyam Trung pa:

Francisco Varela:

Norbert Wiener:

E. O. Wilson:

Ludwig Wittgenstein:


Great visionaries in the history of collective intelligence in cyberspace

Vannevar Bush :

Theodore Nelson :

J. R. Licklider :

Douglas Engelbart : l (bootstrapping our collective intelligence)

The original paper of Tim Berners Lee, inventor of the world wide web: ml


Collective intelligence and global wisdom

Jill Scott: jill_eng.html

Research on Global Crisis, by Parker Rossman:

Collective intelligence and knowledge management for developpment:

Kevin Kelly, author of " Out of Control ":

Francis Hey ligen and the web principia cybernetica:


The open source movement: collective intelligence in computer programming

Eric Raymond

The open source initiative:

linux :

Linux and open source software in french:


Collective intelligence in the scientific community, for the freeing of publication in the scientific community:

The famous Los Alamos (National Physical Lab) archive, where scientists can publish bypassing peer review, accelerating the scientific collective intelligence:

The founder’s vision of the Los Alamos archive:

MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) will make the course materials that are used in the teaching of virtually all of MIT's courses available on the Web, free of charge, to any user anywhere in the world:


Collective intelligence and epistemology

The Santa Fe Institute and the sciences of complexity:

The future of learning at the MIT Media Lab:
For Minsky, the mind is a society. For Levy, the society is a mind.

Radical constructivism:

Artificial life and self-organisation


Collective artificial intelligence

Tadeusz M. Tsuba (computational collective intelligence):

Collective intelligence in Computer based collaboration (John B. Smith):

Links in collective intelligence in AI and robotocs:

Collective intelligence at the NASA:


Collective intelligence in business

The Quest for collective intelligence, by George Por:

Bookstore about subjects related to collective intelligence:

Co-intelligence:< /A>

Collective intelligence and dialogue:

At the Sloan School of Management:

Peter Senge and the learning organisation: ITFa95.html

Knowledge management
References in Knowledge Management and organisational learning:

Knowledge Management Research Center from CIO:

The Knowledge Management ressource center:

The Knowledge Management center at the University of Texas:


B2B index.asp mmerce/Business-to-Business/Exchanges/


Facts and statistics about the Internet



How many people are connected ?< /A>

On search engines:

News about internet, in french:

Internet wireless:


Sociology of cyberculture

The Ressource center for cyberculture studies :

Cybersociology :

Hypermedia Resource Centre, London, UK.

The Oxford Internet Institute:


Bridging the Digital Divide : The best site about the use of the Internet for community and human developpement. This site contains many very usefull links and informations plus a very interesting philosophy of " knowledge management for developpement ". html

The fight agaist digital divide from the perspective of the american government

An american network fighting against the digital divide:

The Benton foundation bridging the digital divide. La fondation Benton lutte contre le fossé numérique :

English foundation promoting e democracy and trying to bridge the digital divide.

Equal access for all:

Bridging the digital divide:

The digital divide on the World Economic Forum site:
Links: amp;Start=1&Count=8.

The digital divide between eastern and western Europe:

Appel français pour la connexion forfaitaire illimitée :

La fondation internet nouvelle génération : Voir, sur ce site, un article sur le digital divide de Jacques-François Marchandise :



The New York Academy of sciences:

The Britannica on line:

Encarta Encyclopedia, from Microsoft:

Scientic magazines on the web: d_Magazines/

Encyclopedias on the web:

Explore the Internet with the links of the Library of Congress:





Journalism and new media

The whole world press

On line journalism review:

Only on the web


Free expression against dictators

Serb free medias

About China

About Tibet

Human rights in Maghreb and arab countries


News groups and e-forums


Virtual communities

Bibliography on virtual communities:
Fortunecity :
Fortunecity in China :
Tripod (linked to Lycos) :
Geocities (linked to Yahoo) :
The virtual communities of the Microsoft Network :
The biggest :
Women :
Gays :
Tunisian jews : .
Avatars :
Wireless communities,,


Local virtual communities and digital cities

Freenets and community networks

Smart communities
The smart communities from the canadian perspective:

Digital cities
The Blacksburg electronic village :
City of Seattle :
Antwerpen :
The valencian region in Spain:
French Villes-Internet:
Issy les Moulineaux:
Parthenay :

Commercial digital cities
AOL digital cities:
Region on line:
Real City :


Information society and electronic government

Information society
Information society in Europe:
Information society in England:
Information society in France :
Information society from the UNESCO perspective:

E-government and e-administration
Stephen Clift’s e-democracy:
International Council for Information Technology in Government administration:
E-administration in the world:
E-administration in French:
Governement on line for the G8: ne/golintro.htm
Digital gov. in the South:

United States








Political information and democracy on line


USA non profit

USA commercial

France< /A>


Virtual agoras




Internet voting ng/


Anti globalization and / or anti-liberal sites


Liberal and libertarian sites


Towards a global democratic government

International Institutions
UN :
International monetary fund:
World Bank:
World Trade Organisation:
International Justice Court:
World Health Organisation:
International Labour organisation:
G8 :

World politics
International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance:
Global political portal:

Global vision for a better world:

Connecting the people who are changing the world:

Portal for a global change:

Global democracy ce/ (for an international criminal court)

Religious convergence


Charitable Foundations on line

The Markle Foundation:
The Bill et Melinda Gates Foundation:
The Morino Institute:
The Pew Charitable Trust:


Art on line

My favorite artist

CAIA (international):
ISEA (International):
ZKM (Germany) :
CICV (France) :
Ars electronica (Austria) :
Banff (Canada) :
V2 institute for the Instable Media (Holland) :
NTTICC (Japan) :
Nabi art center (Corea) :
Société des arts technologiques (Québec) :
Le labart de l’Université de Paris-8:

Portals and magazines

On line galleries

On line museums

The Leonardo Network

Dictionnaire des arts médiatiques


Information in Health

World Health Organisation:

Virtual Health Library in Latin America:

Health portal in Cuba:

US National Library of medecine:


Sur Pierre Lévy en français

Un très bon dossier sur mes idées:

Un autre dossier:

La cyberculture, ou l’universel sans totalité : 6apl0_ftxt.htm

Entretien sur l’identité:

Un entretien avec Ariel Kyrou sur le devenir du texte:

Un entretien pour la revue Transfert: amp;idx_art=2809

Pour l’intelligence collective, article paru dans le Monde diplomatique:


La montée vers la noosphère:

Quelques textes et conférences:

Extraits de mon livre " World Philosophie ":

Sur mon livre " World philosophie ": r_s144.htm tml

Un article de Mona Chollet:

Texte : l’intelligence collective et ses objets:

Une conférence sur la cyberculture prononcée à Barcelone:

Sur mon livre " Cyberculture ":

Sur mon livre " L’intelligence collective ":

Entretien sur l’intelligence collective:

Sur mon livre " Le feu libérateur ":


About Pierre Lévy in english

Towards superlanguage:

A review of this conference:

Collective intelligence and its objects: tml

Cities and cybercities:

Cyberculture and Education:

A paper about meta evolution:

Understanding the global hypertext:

Interactive space and collective intelligence:

A discussion with Philippe Breton:

Papers on my book Cyberculture:

About my books TheTrees of knowledge and The Dynamic Ideography:

A paper on my book " Becoming Virtual ":

A paper about my ideas:

A comment on a conference that I gave:

Communication theory :


An interview in Ethos Channel: re_levy.html

About Collective Intelligence:

Buy my book " Becoming Virtual ": opcom-books-20/104-6009872-7639916

Buy my book " Collective Intelligence ": oks-20/104-6009872-7639916


About Pierre Lévy in portuguese

Brazilian homepages :

Texts in Portugese :

About hypertexts :

O Universal sem totalidade : ersalsem.html

A conference in Porto Allegre :

About Intelligencia Colletiva : stra_levy.htm

As arvores do conhecimento : < U>

Interview : 001.html


About Pierre Lévy In Italiano

Pages of links in italian : htm

A theory of communication:

Interview about collective intelligence :

Interview about cybercultura:

Interview about the change in knowledge :

A short paper about collective Intelligence:

Pierre Levy su Indymedia :

Text : cybercultura: vy.html

Il Virtuale secondo Pierre Lévy:

L’intelligenza Collettiva:


About Pierre Lévy in spanish

Siete tesis sobre la tecnociencia: tml

About my book on cyberculture:

An interview about hypertext:

A comment on my book Collective intelligence:

A comment on my book " Los arboles del conocimiento ":


En La Revista de Occidente:

Intelligencia collectiva y internet:


About Pierre Lévy in german

Texts in german about Cyberkultur:

Stadte, Territorien und cyberspace:

A text about the virtual body, in german : m

My book " Die Kollektive Intelligenz ", in german:

Collective intelligence and cyberanthropology:

A critic in German about my book " cyberculture ":

A critic about my book Die Kollektive Intelligenz:

Extracts from my book Die Kollektive Intelligenz:

An interview in German:

About Pierre Lévy in Catalan