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Copyright Concerns


Organisations involved in the administration of copyright and rights in performances.

Last Updated: October 2003.
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Collective Licensing


Authors Licensing and Collecting Society
Marlborough Court, 14-18 Holborn, London EC1N 2LE
Tel: 020 7395 0600 Fax: 020 7395 0660

ALCS administers rights for authors in the literary and dramatic fields, where collective administration is particularly effective, covering reprography, cable retransmission, the lending right overseas and off- air and private recording.

Christian Copyright Licensing
Chantry House, 22 Lipperton Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 1BF.
Tel: 01323 417711 Fax: 01323 417722

CCL licenses churches, schools and organisations to reproduce the words of hymns and/or songs onto OHPs, electronic storage and retrieval, songsheets, songbooks etc. A CCL licence also includes non-commercial recording rights on behalf of MCPS. CCL also issues the Music Reproduction Licence to churches,schools and organisations enabling them to photocopy musical compositions intended for congregational singing from a wide range of hymn and song books.

The Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd
90 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 4LP
Tel: 020 7631 5555. Fax: 020 7631 5500

CLA licenses the reprographic copying of literary works, specifically books, journals and periodicals. It issues blanket licences for copying by institutions in education, government, public bodies and commerce and industry. CLA is developing a licence which will permit limited digitisation of literary works.

Design and Artists Copyright Society
Parchment House, 13 Northburgh Street,
London EC1V 0JP
Tel: 020 7336 8811 Fax: 020 7336 8822

DACS was established in 1983 as the copyright and collecting society for visual artists in the UK. It licences reproductions of its members' works on an individual basis and is also active in the collective administration of reprographic, cable retransmission and off-air recording rights for visual artists. DACS works for the benefit of all creators of artistic works (including photographers) whether British or foreign, famous or unknown.

Educational Recording Agency
New Premier House, 150 Southampton Row, London WC1B 5AL
Tel: 020 7837 3222 Fax: 020 7837 3750

ERA issues licenses to educational establishments for recording off-air from broadcast and cable programmes for the purpose of educational instruction.

International Federation of the Phonographic Industries
54 Regent Street, London W1B 5RE
Tel: 020 7878 7900 Fax: 020 7878 7950

IFPI licenses public performance, broadcasting and cable distribution rights in certain sound recordings, mainly foreign recordings not commercially available in the UK market.

Mechanical Copyright Protection Society
Elgar House, 41 Streatham High Road,
London SW16 1ER
Tel: 020 8769 4400 Fax: 020 8378 7300

MCPS authorises on behalf of its members (composers, authors and publishers of music)use of their work in the UK and abroad by recording companies, background music operators and other recording bodies and individuals as well as in recordings made by radio and television organisations.

Newspaper Licensing Agency
7 - 9 Wellington Gate, Church Road
Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 1NL
Tel: 01892 525273 Fax: 01892 525275

The NLA was established in 1996. It issues blanket licences to permit the faxing and reprographic copying for internal management purposes, of cuttings from its sponsoring publishers' newspapers. The repertoire includes all English and most Scottish national newspapers and many regional and international titles. Licence extensions are available to allow the electronic distribution and archiving of cuttings.

The Ordnance Survey
Copyright Licensing,
Romsey Road,
Southampton SO16 4GU
Tel: 023 8079 2912 Fax: 023 8079 2615

The Ordnance Survey publishes maps of Great Britain at various scales. The Controller, HMSO, in whom Crown Copyright is vested by Royal letters Patent, has delegated powers to the Director General Ordnance Survey maps.

Performing Artists' Media Rights Association
161 Borough High Street,
London SE1 1HR
Tel: 020 7940 0400 Fax: 020 7407 2008

PAMRA collects and distributes royalties to performers who have, in the last fifty years, recorded their work on commercially produced records, CDs or cassettes provided these have been broadcast or played in public since 1 December 1996, the date this new right for performers came into force.

Performing Right Society
29/33 Berners Street,
London W1P 4AA
Tel: 020 7580 5544 Fax: 020 7306 4455

PRS administers the performing rights in copyright music on behalf of composers and music publishers, both British and foreign. The performing rights are the right to perform music in public either "live" or by mechanical means (e.g. by playing a record or turning on a television set), the right to broadcast music and the right to diffuse music (e.g. by cable television).

Phonographic Performance Ltd
1 Upper James Street,
London W1R 3HG
Tel: 020 7534 1000 Fax: 020 7534 1111

PPL licenses on behalf of its members, comprising mainly record companies, the public performance, broadcasting and cable programme rights in the main repertoire of sound recordings protected in the UK. PPL also administers on behalf of its members, the right to dub (i.e. to re-record) sound recordings for the purpose of playing of playing or broadcasting the re-recorded music in public.

Publishers Licensing Society
37 - 41 Gower Street, London, WC1E 6HH
Tel: 020 7299 7730 Fax: 020 7299 7780

Established in 1981, the Publishers Licensing Society has non-exclusive licences from 1500 publishers which allow PLS to include their works in the licences negotiated by The Copyright Licensing Agency LTD. PLS represents a wide range of publishers from the multinationals to the single-title publisher. PLS is responsible for ensuring that the publishers receive their share of the fees collected by CLA.

Video Performance Ltd
1 Upper James Street,
London W1R 3HG
Tel: 020 7534 1400 Fax: 020 7534 1111

VPL licenses the public performance, broadcasting and cable distribution rights in music videos recordings in the UK.

Other copyright organisations


Alliance Against Counterfeiting and Piracy
167 Great Portland St, London W1W 5PE
Tel: 020 7436 0041 Fax: 020 7436 0043
email: web:

AACP is a unique coalition of trade and industry enforcement organizations. Launched in July 1999 when the music, audio-visual, retail, brand manufacturing and business and games software industries joined forces, AACP provides a single voice for those who share an interest in preventing intellectual property theft in the UK.

Anti Copying in Design
150 Aldersgate Street
London EC1 4EJ
Tel: 01531 650476 Fax: 01531 650885

ACID is an association of independent companies, businesses and sole traders which is concerned with the legal protection of its members' designs and products.

Association of Authors' Agents
62 Grafton Way,
London W1P 5LD
Tel: 020 7387 2076 Fax: 020 7387 2042

The Association represents the majority of British agents, who in turn, act in business matters for a large proportion of British authors and their heirs, and many foreign authors also. The Association does not represent writers directly.

Association of Illustrators
81 Leonard Street,
London EC2A 4QS
Tel: 020 7613 4328 Fax: 020 7613 4417

The AOI was established in 1973 to advance and protect illustrators' rights and to encourage professional standards. Its membership includes freelance illustrators, illustration agents, clients, students and lecturers. The AOI provides professional advice for illustrators and presents an annual programme of events.

Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers
South House, The Street,
Clapham, Worthing,
West Sussex BN13 3UU
Tel: 01903 871686 Fax: 01903 871457

ALPSP is an association of over 100 British learned and professional organisations engaged in publishing, and individuals with interests in publishing. It exists to promote the development of publishing and the flow of publications of its members.

Association of Photographers
81 Leonard Street,
London EC2A 4QS
Tel: 020 7739 6669 Fax: 020 7739 8707

The Association was founded in 1968 as the Association of Fashion, Advertising and Editorial Photographers. It represents the interests of and aims to improve the rights of all professional photographers in the UK, as well as promoting the highest standards of work and practice across the industry.

Association of United Recording Artists
7 Russell Gardens
London W14 8EZ
Tel: 020 7602 5985 Fax: 020 7603 4411
email: Web:

AURA is committed to representing, advising and collecting performance income for professional recording artists, performers and studio producers across the full range of their careers. AURA monitors legislative, technical and contractual developments which have an impact on the rights of featured performers.

Benesh Institute
36 Battersea Square,
London SW11 3RA
Tel: 020 7326 8031 Fax: 020 7326 8033

The Institute exists to protect the interests of dance notators.

British Academy of Composers and Songwriters
British Music House,
26 Berners Street,
London W1P 3DB
Tel: 020 7636 2929 Fax: 020 7636 2212

BACS represents the interests of music writers across all genres, providing advice on professional and artistic music matters.

British Actors' Equity Association
Guild House, Upper St.Martin's Lane,
London WC2B 9EG
Tel: 020 7379 6000 Fax: 020 7379 7001

The Association, known generally as Equity, represents actors and other performers in the theatre and on radio and television. It negotiates with employers and gives legal and professional advice on many matters, including copyright and performers' rights.

British Computer Society
1 Sandford Street, Swindon,
Wiltshire SN1 1HJ
Tel: 01793 417417 Fax: 01793 480270

The Society, founded in 1957 and incorporated by Royal Charter in 1984, is the professional institution for information system engineering and represents over 30,000 computer practitioners. It is concerned with maintaining and improving technical and ethical standards within the profession, and with the protection of their interests.

British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies
18 Vine Hill,
London EC1R 5DZ
Tel: 020 7713 1780 Fax: 020 7713 1211

BAPLA represents over 350 photographic libraries and agencies and has access to over 350 million pictures. It advises on picture sources and contracts and gives copyright information when available. The association publishes an annual directory of members and a quarterly magazine, 'Lightbox'.

British Institute of Professional Photography
Fox-Talbot House, Amwell End,
Ware, Hertfordshire SG12 9HN
Tel: 01920 464011 Fax: 01920 487056
email: web:

BIPP represents approximately 4,000 practising photographers in the UK and is the principal qualifying organisation for professional photographers. It looks after the interests of professional photographers generally at all levels.

British Music Rights
British Music House, 26 Berners Street,
London W1P 4AA
Tel: 020 7306 4446 Fax: 020 7306 4449

BMR was founded in 1996. It is the representative body of British music songwriters, composers and publishers. Its members are the Alliance of Composer Organisations (BASCA, APC and the Composers' Guild), MPA, MCPS, and PRS. BMR promotes British music to the public and to government, is involved in education and training programmes and provides an information service about music as an economic and creative force.

British Phonographic Industry Ltd
Riverside Building, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road
London, SE1 7JA
Tel: 020 7803 1300 Fax: 020 7803 1301

BPI's principal function is to represent the interests in the United Kingdom of the UK record industry.

Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematograph and Theatre Union
111 Wardour Street,
London W1F 0AY
Tel: 020 7346 0900 Fax: 020 7346 0901

BECTU protects and improves the conditions of workers in broadcasting, films, cinemas, theatres and other fields of entertainment; and regulates their relations with employers in collaboration with other trade unions within the entertainment and communication industries. BECTU has more than 30,000 members, many of which have copyright interests, such as directors, writers, production designers and visual artists, etc. Membership is open to all who work in the appropriate industries.

Business Software Alliance
79 Knightsbridge,
London SW1X 7RB
Tel: 020 7245 0304 Fax: 020 7245 0310

BSA is a worldwide organisation devoted to eradicating the illegal copying of software, often referred to as "software piracy".

Chartered Institute of Journalists
2 Dock Offices, Surrey Quays Road,
London SE16 2XU
Tel: 020 7252 1187 Fax: 020 7232 2302

The CIoJ is both a Chartered professional body and a fully certified, independent trade union. It represents, advises and safeguards newspaper and magazine journalists, radio and television broadcasters, freelancers, PR practitioners, workers in multimedia,. internet and electronic publishing, and others in related fields. It received its Royal Charter in 1980.

Chartered Society of Designers
5 Bermondsey Exchange, 179 - 181 Bermondsey Street
London SE1 3UW
Tel: 020 7357 8088 Fax: 020 7407 9878
Email: Web:

The Society is the representative professional association for designers working for industry and commerce in private practice, public companies or salaried employment. It is the only organisation in the UK to cover all areas of design. It received its Royal Charter in 1976.

Directors' and Producers' Rights Society
16-18 Strutton Ground,
London SW1P 2HP
Tel: 020 7227 4757 Fax: 020 7227 4755

The DPRS, the collecting society representing British film and television directors, currently administers authorial rights payments on behalf of members under arrangements with foreign collecting societies and in respect of cable re-transmissions, private copying and video rentals. As a result of the Copyright and Related Rights Regulations 1996, directors have assigned their right to equitable remuneration for the rental of their work to the DPRS. As yet, the DPRS is not a licensing society.

Federation Against Copyright Theft
7 Victory Business Centre, Worton Road,
Isleworth, Middlesex TW7 6DB
Tel: 020 8568 6646 Fax: 020 8560 6364
Email: Web:

FACT enforces rights in UK films and other products by seeking and collecting evidence of piracy and bringing legal (usually criminal) proceedings against infringers.

Federation Against Software Theft
Clivemont House, 54 Clivemont Road, Maidenhead
Berkshire SL6 7BZ
Tel: 01628 622121 Fax: 1628 760355

FAST enforces rights in computer programs by seeking and collecting evidence of piracy and bringing legal (usually criminal) proceedings against infringers.

International PEN (English Centre)
9 / 10 Charterhouse Buildings, Goswell Rd
London EC1M 7AT
Tel: 020 7253 4308 Fax: 020 7253 5711
Email: Web:

English PEN (Poets, Essayists, Editors, Novelists) is one of the 137 centres which together constitute International PEN - a world-wide, non-political association of writers working for freedom of expression and against repressive regimes of whatever ideology. PEN is open to any published writer, editor or translator actively engaged in any branch of literature.

Motion Picture Association
European Office, Avenue de Tervuren,
270-272 B-1 150 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: + 32 (0) 2 778 27 11 Fax: + 32 (0) 2 778 27 50

The Association represents the interests in Europe of the US film industry.

Music Managers Forum
7 Russell Gardens, London, W14 8EZ
Tel: 020 7751 1894 Fax: 020 7603 4411
email: Web:

MMF (formerly IMF) was created in 1992 to represent the interests of Artist Managers in the music business. It has arms in the US, Australia, Canada, Japan and all over Europe. The IMF provides training and educational courses to both its members and other companies in the music business. It has contacts at both Government and Local Government levels and its membership currently stands at approximately 500.

Musicians' Union
60-62 Clapham Road,
London SW9 0JJ
Tel: 020 7582 5566 Fax: 020 7582 9805

The MU is the representative organisation for professional musicians involved in a wide spectrum of musical activities including performance in all typed of ensembles, instrumental teaching, arranging, composing and copying music. It negotiates with employers, promotes and supports music and is active in the field of copyright and performers' rights and protections.

Music Publishers' Association
3rd Floor, Strandgate, 18-20 York Buildings,
London WC2N 6JU
Tel: 020 7839 7779 Fax: 020 7839 7776

The MPA promotes and protects the interests of British music publishers and the writers signed to them. It seeks to promote improvements in copyright and other relevant areas of the law, to keep its members up-to-date on all matters affecting or of interest to them, and to educate the wider public in the importance and value of copyright.

National Union of Journalists
Acorn House, 308 Gray's Inn Road,
London WC1X 8DP
Tel: 020 7278 7916 Fax: 020 7837 8143

The NUJ represents over 32,000 members in newspapers, magazine and book publishing, public relations and broadcasting, plus freelancers. It gives legal and professional advice on many matters, including copyright and contracts.

Patent Office
Copyright Directorate, Room 1.10,
Harmsworth House, 13-15 Bouverie Street,
London EC4Y 8DP
Tel: 020 7596 6514

Periodical Publishers Association
Queens House, 28 Kingsway,
London WC2B 6JR
Tel: 020 7404 4166 Fax: 020 7404 4167

The PPA's main aim is to promote and protect the magazine and periodical industry in the UK. Members represent 80% of periodicals by circulation.

Poetry Society
22 Betterton Street,
London WC2H 9BU
Tel: 020 7420 9880 Fax: 020 7240 4818

The Society is the only national organisation solely dedicated to the promotion of poets and poetry. A registered charity founded in 1909, its many activities include a poetry bookshop and mail order service, regular poetry readings, annual National Poetry Competition, assistance and advice to literature festivals, publications and verse speaking examinations.

Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television
45 Mortimer Street,
London W1N 7TD
Tel: 020 7331 6000 Fax: 020 7331 6700

The Association represents the interests of United Kingdom producers of film and television programmes.

Publishers Association
29B Montague Street
London WC1B 5BH
Tel: 020 7691 9191 Fax: 020 7836 4543

Founded in 1896, the PA is the national organisation representing British publishers. Its membership embraces some 600 companies.

Royal Academy of Arts
Burlington House, Piccadilly,
London W1J 0BD
Tel: 020 7300 8000 Fax: 020 7300 8001

The Royal Academy was founded in 1768 to promote the 'Arts of Design' through an annual (Summer) exhibition of fine art works of the highest merit, the running of the oldest art schools (of painting, sculpture and drawing) in the country and, from 1870, loan exhibitions of international reputation. Membership is limited to 50 Academicians and 30 Associates.

Royal Photographic Society
The RPS National Centre of Photography,
The Octagon, Milsom Street,
Bath BA1 1DN
Tel: 01225 462841 Fax: 01225 448688

The RPS, founded in 1853, exists to promote every aspect of photography. It does so by organising lectures, workshops and other educational activities; by mounting exhibitions; by publications; and by maintaining an outstanding collection of photographic books, images and equipment. Membership is open to all those interested in photography.

Society of Authors
84 Drayton Gardens,
London SW10 9SB
Tel: 020 7373 6642 Fax: 020 7373 5768

The Society is an independent trade union (not affiliated to the TUC) which exists to promotes the interests of authors of literary and dramatic work in all media. It gives its members legal and business advice, including the vetting of contracts. It has specialist groups for translators and broadcasting, education, children's and medial writers, and illustrators.

Society of Authors in Scotland
Chairman: Hugh C. Rae, Drumore Farm Cottage
Balfron Station, Glasgow G63 0NJ
Tel: 01360 550274
Secretary: Eileen Ramsay, Bonnyton House,
Anbirlal, Angus DD11 2PY
Tel: 01241 874131

The Society is an independent trade union, representing writers' interests in all aspects of the writing profession, including publishing , broadcasting, television and films, theatre and translation and has now almost 280 members in Scotland. It has specialist groups for broadcasters, literary translators, education, medical and children's writers and illustrators and technical writers.

Scottish Publishers Association
Scottish Book Centre, 137 Dundee Street,
Edinburgh EH11 1BG
Tel: 0131 228 6866 Fax: 0131 228 3220

A comprehensive programme runs throughout the year covering a variety of topics ranging from fundamental skills to appraisals of current issues and trends within publishing. Courses are led by practitioners in each field and popular seminars provide the opportunity to meet informally with others in the book trade. The programme offers substantial savings on courses held outside Scotland. The courses are open to everyone, with SPA and SBMG members enjoying preferential rates.

Training Media Copyright Association
19 Pepper Street, Docklands,
London E14 9RP
Tel: 020 75120571 Fax: 020 75120591

TMCA is comprised of leading distributors of training videos and exists to protect the copyright of members' video programmes.

Writers' Guild of Great Britain
15 Britannia Street
London W1CX 9JN
Tel: 020 7833 0777 Fax: 020 7833 4777

The Guild is the writers' trade union affiliated to the TUC representing writers' interests collectively and individually in film, radio, television, the theatre and publishing. It comprises professional writers in all media united in common concern to improve the conditions under which they work.




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