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Teaching Plagiarism Prevention

Web detection with CopyCatch

CopyChecker Trial Report

Original reproductions
Patchwriting Investigation

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CopyCatch Gold
An easy to use program which ensures swift and accurate identification of shared material.

Designed for education users but also has commercial users. More...

CopyCatch Gold - ES
An advanced version of CopyCatch Gold designed to work with a variety of electronic submission systems.

Both education and commercial application. More...

Student version of CopyCatch which allows the loading of electronic material for practice in paraphrase and correct citation. More...

Cite Reader
Identifies potential unmarked citation and unusual stylistic passages in suspect text.

Forensic and education use

CopyCatch Investigator
For use by newspapers and publishers to check on use of stories and possible sources. More...

CopyCatch Detective
Powerful tool for use by companies wishing to protect their copyright materials, in particular structured test material. More...

Vocalyse Toolkit
A suite of programs offering detailed numerical, statistical, phrasal and vocabulary analysis of main interest to Forensic Linguistics specialists. More...

Multilingual Parallel Concordancer used by translators and teachers of languages and translation. More...

These programs have been developed by CFL Software Development who are specialists in Forensic Linguistics and educational software.

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Last updated: 6th October 2003