Free UK educational version June 2003

What you get

5-star rated Collusion and Plagiarism detection program.
Fully operational. Unlimited use.
Compares complete class sets
Automatic TXT, RTF and DOC file type handling
Listing of related phrases with full sentences shown in pairs
Full text MarkUp showing vocabulary use
Detailed Vocabulary, Statistics and Saving

CopyCatch Gold

Additions and differences

HTML handling added.
Advanced Comparison functions activated.
Sentence and vocabulary full text views.
Simplified MarkUp operations.
Paragraph/Sentence referencing e.g. [P2 S4].
Full cross-referencing of related sentences in all views.
Simplified Saving.
Campus Licencing Cost: 5p per student per annum
Departmental Licences from: 250 per annum

CopyCatch Gold ES


Multilingual capability.
Automatic file selection filters for directory structures.
Reading of zipped data without unzipping to disk.
Full automation capability.
Some tailoring to specific requirements. Reduced rates on extended developments.
Discounted rates for CFL detection service, for non-electronic diagnostics.
Campus Licencing Cost 10p per student per annum
Departmental Licences from: 500 per annum

Conditions of Free UK Educational offer

This offer is intended to encourage institution-wide availability within the UK only. The program will only be made available to a member of staff on the understanding that they will inform the appropriate authority at their institution. Despatch will only be made to a verifiable UK academic e-mail address, so please include a full signature. Each copy of the program will be specifically marked as sent to the educational establishment requesting it. Within each institution there is no restriction on use of the program, there is no limitation of time of use, nor will there ever be a charge for this version. Delivery is by e-mail, and should be made within 24 hours of a request. Institutions are encouraged to consider the purchase of one of the full site licences, but this is not a requirement of use, nor will CFL make any request for such a purchase. As a free program there is no warranty or support offered.

It would greatly assist efficient distribution if the first enquirer was willing to be the point of contact for future enquirers from an institution. Please indicate if this is not possible, in which case CFL reserve the right to request the address of someone who can fulfil this role before supplying the program.

Requests for the program should be sent to CFL Software Development

Further information

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Last updated: 5th September 2003